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We're Back...AGAIN!

Holiday Shows Announced

December 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28 and 30th, 2010


We have teamed up with The Hotel Rex to bring you Magic at the Rex.

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Magic at the Rex is performed in an intimate cocktail lounge that is reminiscent of the 40s, with a comfortable and causal elegance that will put you instantly at ease.  

No white tigers, no giant boxes, no flashing lights, no "look, I just fooled you," or "look, how much smarter I am than you." No plastic smiles dressed in tuxedos and sporting perfect hair. This is not magic on television, this is not magic in an arena, this is not a kiddie party.

What you will experience at Magic at the Rex is the essence of a grown up magic show:  intelligent effects that make you gasp in amazement and wonder in awe, performed with humor and with the utmost respect for our audience.

We know our audiences can think, and we wouldn't have it any other way.  
While we enjoy our ability to do things that seem impossible, our goal is to entertain you completely and to enjoy the magic alongside you.  
We are passionate about our magic, we care about our show and we care about the people we ask to join us on stage. When you leave, we know you will have a different and more nuanced appreciation of magic than you had coming in, and that you will recognize what an important part of the show you were.

To us, you, our audiences make the show.

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